embroidered tote bag

Monday, August 6, 2007

While Nuku Nuku was busy napping this weekend, I made a little tote bag to replace my current handbag.

I made the little circle pattern on the front of the bag in photoshop and then used a transfer marker to trace it onto the fabric. I just used the standard stem stitch and embroidery thread that matches the bag lining.

The bag came together quickly until I got to the handle assembly. A few hours, two sore thumbs and two sore forefingers later, I was able to turn them inside out and top-stitch them. Ouch that hurt. What hurt even more was reading about a much easier way to sew handles with linings in Bend the Rules Sewing...oh, well, next time right?


  1. Great color choices! I especially enjoy the embroidery.

  2. That is really cool! You are so creative and talented.

  3. Love it! next year: DUCF!

  4. I really like that - and I agree, great use of colour and fabric.


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