Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy anniversary to my fabulous husband! Three years and counting!

He still loves me even though...

I hit the snooze button again and again and again every morning
I leave wrappers on the kitchen counter right above the trash bin

I lose my keys/purse/wallet/etc and blame him for it
I steal from his "secret" chocolate stash
I play songs on repeat all the time
I still don't know how to work our tv and whine for him to help me turn it on
I forget to clear the remaining time left on the microwave so that the clock shows instead

I'm really sneaky with my bad shopping habit
I fall asleep at the end of movies
I post really embarrassing pictures of him on my blog


  1. happy anniversary! he sounds like a keeper to me!

  2. Happy anniversary! It seems very similar to our household. :)

  3. I love your blog! Where is your husband in this picture? Happy Anniversary.

  4. Wow - three years! Congratulations! It always seems to fly by.

  5. Congratulations Rebekah - what a great guy :-)

  6. Congrats- three wonderful years!!!

  7. congratulations Crafts. You sound honest and happy...great things!

  8. Happy Anniversary! What an incredibly sweet post, and and incredibly sweet guy. I love your list! I can relate to the tv one, except it's the computer for me. Barry can show me five times how to do something and I still need his help.

  9. Awww...Happy Anniversary! Hmmm...I can relate to quite a few things on your list. :-)


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