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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Jon is almost officially settled into his new edit suite in our basement. When we moved in it was just a framed room with some poorly adhered dry wall. With lots of help from my dad and lots of blood, sweat, and tears...Jon finished it up and moved in all of the final furniture last night.

The Moral of the Story: hire some to do the drywalling! Why did everyone else tell us this after the fact?

Here are the before during and after pictures...if only the room came together as quickly as these pictures suggest.

Step One: prepping the walls and re-fitting the drywall


Step Two: Applying tape and joint compound. Repeat two times. Then sand all joints and spots.


Step Three: Apply Primer. Paint Ceiling. Paint Walls (Stem Green by Benjamin Moore)


Step Four: Measure, cut and install carpet (I am absolutely 100% sure that professionals do not do this by measuring angles of a 10 ft square and using scotch tape, wrapping paper, yarn, shoes and sharpies to lay out and cut an exact replica of the room on the piece of carpet...a true character building experience! And we thought it would be a 15 minute job...HA!)


Step Five: Install baseboard molding and track lighting

Step Six: Move in furniture and equipment


Jon still has some tweaking to do and boxes to empty before he is officially settled, but I'm so excited for him to finally have his own creative space...he's been wanting this for quite a while!

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  1. This is one absolutely amazing transformation! I love it... he is so lucky. Love your new house (by the way)... I keep looking at all the ones in our town that look just like this and feel so tempted to just buy a house and settle down. Maybe one of these days!


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