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Sunday, December 31, 2006

One of my former college roommate's, Kate, is back in town for a few weeks and she spent the night (our first house guest) on Friday night. She's a teacher and has been teaching K-12 art and living in Nicaragua since August. It was so nice to see her and catch up things.

I may have scared her off with my cooking - way too limey chicken and lumpy raspberry pancakes. I'm not sure she believes me when I say that my cooking doesn't usually taste that bad. We made some scallion LIME chicken together...which had a bit too much lime for our taste (that new lime squeezer my mom got me for Christmas works incredibly well!). In true Kate fashion, she picked the best time to describe the gory details of a parasite that she picked up while in Nicaragua...at breakfast, of course! The already gross raspberry pancakes just got a little grosser...eww.

The highlight of her visit had to have been all of the guitar hero that we played. Jon borrowed the game and two guitars from his friend, Tim, and we spent the evening rocking it out. Kate wowed us with her mad video game skills and was able to pass a lot of the songs in the game. This game is hilarious and a ton of fun! I think I will have the song "Take me out" by Franz Ferdinand stuck in my head for the next week!


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