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Monday, June 4, 2007

As Jon and I were finishing up dinner, we looked outside and saw a police car pull up and stop across the street from our house. Being the nosy neighbors that we are, we got up and looked out the window. We were definitely not prepared for the sight we saw. A man was running down the street with a bloody face and bloody hands. 4 other police cars, one fire truck and one paramedic van pulled onto the scene shortly after. Judging by what we saw, we're guessing that our neighbor's granddaughter beat up her boyfriend. After much questioning, she was handcuffed and taken off in the squad car. The bloody guy washed himself off with a garden hose and the paramedic cleaned him up with rubbing alcohol, so it wasn't a major injury...just incredibly freaky looking! Crazy things going on in this neighborhood...definitely not something you see everyday. I'm pretty sure that every kid in the neighborhood and every resident on the street was either watching from the road or from the front windows of their homes (just like us).

And, Jon's new erhu (chinese violin) arrived this afternoon from Singapore. He's been obsessing about learning how to play this instrument for months. Every once in a while, I could hear erhu music coming from Jon's office and I would just laugh to myself. We're very similar in that we both embrace new hobbies and ideas obsessively wholeheartedly. I'm not so excited to have Jon learning how to play a stringed of now, it sounds like a dead duck/screeching cat. But, with Jon's track record of picking up and learning new things...he should be a pro in no time and the cats and I will be on better terms with him (we all run away from him in fear/ear pain right now). Here's a cute video of a little kid playing the erhu...this is the goal Jon's going for right now. In fact, in the time I've written this paragraph, he's just learned how to play his first scale. I told you he was fast!

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  1. Ooh! I'd love to hear more about his progress. Ever since I found an erhu video on youtube, I've been longing to buy one and learn to make sweet, sweet music! But I'm a little leary trying to learn on my own and the only erhu lessons are 2 hours from my home. Is he learning on his own? Is he using any particular book?
    BTW I love your crafts. Glad I found this blog!


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