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Saturday, July 7, 2007


Jon and I laid down for a nap last night around 7:00 (lame, I know!) and I woke up this morning around 3:00 and couldn't sleep. What better to do than spruce up this blog?

I added a categories bar on the right side and classified all of my posts into the right sections. It was fun reading over everything that I've written in the past two years and it reminded me of a lot of good things...

• my favorite photos from our wedding

• that Mel and I got engaged on the same day

• that Jon almost fell into the Pacific Ocean

• our first sewing project together...all by hand

• all of our little day trips around Michigan

• my failed attempt at a birthday cake for Jon

• my roommates funny cat, Madeleine, looking fondly at a bottle of Corona

• Jon's funny first anniversary card

• remembering Jon learning how to say Worcestershire sauce

• the accidental fire in our bed

• our first christmas tree

• the woody Jeep that Jon will never appreciate as much as I do

We've had some good times together these past two years and it's always nice to have a visual and written record of things that have gone on in our lives!

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