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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Who knew that the one day some of my old college roommates and I would pick to go to Cedar Point would just so happen to be the day that this summer's drought would officially end?

It was drizzling at the park when we arrived and we just figured it would blow over. Unfortunately the rain meant that most of the rides were closed for weather conditions. We managed to ride the Iron Dragon and the Mantis before the rain really hit during our lunch break inside. After lunch, we tried to find some drier, inside rides to no avail. After riding a couple of spinning rides, we went for the maXair. As luck would have it, the torrential downpour started just as we got on the ride and took off. 70 mile an hour rides are supposed to be thrilling, but when you're being pelted with raindrops that feel more like sleet because you're moving so fast, it just plain hurts!

We left the park a few hours after we arrived and the four of us were soaked to the bone and running toward our car with squishy tennis shoes! And to think...I told them all that I was planning on avoiding the water rides because I hate being wet all day.

We stopped for lunch at Friendly's on our way home. It's an east coast treat the Amber and I grew up on, so we got to introduce Kate to our beloved conehead sundae...this one had black raspberry ice cream, my favorite.

Despite the bad weather, we definitely had a day to remember and it was fun to have the four of us together again five years later!

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