the shack

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

We went up north for the weekend to Lupton, MI with our friends Liz and Elliott. Elliott's friend owns a little cabin on forty acres of undeveloped land so we got to enjoy the great outdoors without interruption from fellow campers.

Elliott described the shack as being completely rustic with only a table and chairs and two bunk beds. He forgot to mention how cute it was...vintage dishes and furniture, and old wood stove, retro hunting posters and Michigan maps and shutters on the windows. Needless to say, I thought it was the perfect weekend cabin. Jon and I would love to own something like this one day...a cozy little place to escape to on the weekends.

We went canoeing on the Rifle River on Saturday afternoon and met quite a few interesting characters journeying down the river along with us! We spent the rest of the weekend building campfires, enjoying the delicious well water (no, really) and playing Settlers of Catan.


  1. What a great hideaway! I love little places like that. It's my dream to have a place like that one day. A nice summer hideout.

  2. I love that you enjoyed the rustic cabin in the woods and canoeing. Sounds great! There's nothing like a retreat to make you appreciate the great outdoors (well, and also the return to modern a shower!)

  3. I LOVE places like that. That kitchen is great with all the pots and pans hanging on the wall. I couldn't live like that all the time, but for a weekend it would be just about perfect.


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