the veggie garden

Sunday, July 29, 2007

We gave my family a tour of our vegetable garden earlier this week. It was the first time my sisters have seen it and the first time my parents have seen it since they helped us plant it the first time.

I had to laugh because my sister, Ruth, asked me if the vegetable plants were already here when we moved in.

Uh, not exactly...we dug up the sod, roto-tilled, added compost and planted the whole thing didn't just come with the house. I wish!

We've had an influx of cucumbers and butternut squash lately. I have been scouring the internet for recipes using these veggies. The tomatoes are getting bigger, but they aren't quite red yet. Jon and I did get to enjoy our first two ripe grape tomatoes on Monday...we ate them to fast too take a picture first. And, our broccoli is starting to bloom.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous garden. It's like a rainforest in your backyard!

  2. Your garden is looking amazing! I like how everyone looks like they're on a museum/lecture tour. :)

  3. That is one very impressive garden!


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