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Monday, September 1, 2008

It's harvest time around here. We are so appreciative of all our our work during the summer when we're able to use and enjoy our fresh vegetables and flowers.

We spent Saturday and Sunday entertaining friends and here are a few things that we made to eat. It was so much fun to spend Saturday afternoon in the kitchen with Jon playing with vegetables!

Lemony Tuna Salad by Rachael Ray

Greek Pasta Salad (a summer favorite! The dressing is delicious)

Veggie Kabobs

Fresh Basil for basil pesto

And, excitement of all excitement, I'm blogging from my new iMac. My four year old Powerbook, while it's been great for me, will no longer cut it for my grad school computer classes, so I had to do a little upgrade. Thank goodness for my student discount (with my new, official school ID!) and a free printer and ipod (for Jon).


  1. that basil looks so lovely!!! MMMM...

  2. everything looks delicious! I have been enjoying our fresh veggies immensely, too. I am going to try the greek pasta salad. thanks for the link.

  3. Yummmmmmmm!!
    And those flowers are gorgeous!
    Enjoy your new Mac. And thanks for the Mac-love encouragement. (I left it in Michigan--but will pick it up when I'm back in a few weeks. Can't wait.)

  4. yummy, the food looks great. but that greek salad looks especially good, i think i might try that out. the flowers are grogeous and i love your new blog look.

  5. I just love the bright colors of those flowers on your banner! And the salads look great. Enjoy your new mac - I am a dedicated apple fan!

  6. these all look soo good. i just made loads of basil pesto to freeze for winter. (pizza just isn't the same without it.)

  7. Congratulations on your new Mac! I'm going to make that greek pasta salad this week. Yum!

  8. new iMac!? yay! congratulations!

  9. Everything looks so fantastic.

  10. LOVE the Fiesta Ware pitcher. I have one in red. :-)

  11. Were you planning on selling that laptop to a favorite sister of yours for a small price?? :)


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