6 quirks and a swap

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Kristena tagged me to list 6 of my quirks

1. I've never seen the Wizard of Oz. I don't think I ever will either, just so that I can claim this title.

2. After working in the towel department at Linens N Things in high
school, I'm now really anal about folding towels correctly. I've been
relegated to the sole towel folder in our house after I wasn't able to
successfully teach Jon the correct way to fold towels. I hate folding
towels, but I want them folded my way or no way at all. It's really a
lose lose situation!

3. If I know someone's bought a gift for me, I have to know what it is and it
kills me if I can't figure it out. I like surprises, but I also like
snooping. This quirk has ruined many Christmas and birthday
celebrations for me.

4. It really bothers me when people do not have bike seat heights adjusted
correctly. I always comment on seat height issues whenever I see them
(mostly to myself or anyone who will listen). People: raise your seats!
You should not bump your arms with your knees while pedaling and you
should not have knee pain from bike riding! Plus, raising your seat will make pedaling much easier and will save you some energy.

5. Before I start reading a new book, I always check to see how many
pages the book has, divide that number in half and then excitedly read
until the halfway point. I'm always calculating the fraction of the
book that I've completed.

6. I hate getting my hands dirty. I have to wear gloves when I garden because dirt totally grosses me out. Whenever I make cookies, I use a cookie/ice cream scoop to grab the
correct amount of dough. It totally grosses me out to prepare the
Artisan bread in 5 minutes a day recipe, but I do it because the bread
is so tasty.

Those are my quirks, now let's hear yours! Leave one of your quirks in the comments section if you like or post 6 quirks on your blog  :)

• • •

I joined this vintage sheet swap at Crafty Little Beana a few weeks ago and have had fun scouring local thrift shops for sheets and pillowcases. Here's a sample of the fabric that I sent in for the swap. I can't wait to see what I get in return!


  1. I am also quirky about folding towels due to working in the linens department at Rich's department store. I also joined the vintage sheet swap and I really hope I get a few of your sheets because they are quite lovely!

  2. I've been enjoying your blog! I love the quirks. I just wrote about one of my quirks on my blog... (One of) Mine is collecting quilt tops. I hate to see them discarded and never finished, I figure someone worked so hard to put them together, someone HAS to finish them. So I gather and collect, and then never finish them either... oh well. I love them anyway.

  3. I have a book-reading quirk too. If I get to a really suspenseful part, I will skip ahead and read how it ends and then go back and read through without the suspense hanging over me.
    I love the yellow-flowery print! I'm hoping to make a yellow quilt with my fat-quarters I received. I also sent in the pink stripey flower pattern too.

  4. Whoops, just realized your vintage swap was a different one than I participated in, but still vintage sheets. :) They're so addictive.

  5. Wow! The bike seat height one is totally random! That's certainly not something you see every day!
    You might want to check out your local beauty supply shop and get some of those disposable latex (or non-latex) gloves, like doctors use. Makes mixing meatloaf, kneading and rolling dough, and scooping cookies much less oogey. They come in handy for so many different things (I wear them under my canvas gardening gloves for added protection) that you'll wonder how you got on without them. :-)
    Quirks for me? There are many (mostly to do with eating). One person's quirk is another person's OCD, I always say... ;-)

  6. Gee, those are some quirks!!! I can't stand seeing hair in the sink or tub! Is that one? I can't think of any but I am sure my kids could find one or two!!!

  7. i can't believe you've never seen the wizard of oz! my quirks? too many to list. but here's a little one, just for fun: i regularly run my tongue along all my teeth. is that weird?
    ps: are you enjoying the twilight series??

  8. Oh I do the towel thing too. So much so, that I go back and re-fold the towels that my husband has already folded and put away!
    Drat! I missed another sheet swap. Oh well, I think I'll get some anyway and maybe there will be another swap soon. I love the ones that you found!

  9. so weird a bunch of use are quirky towel folders. i refold the towels after my hubby folds them. love the sheets you found. i can't wait to get mine!

  10. Yay! Thanks for playing along! :) I totally calculate how far I've read too. Always. And now, I'm afraid, I'll also be on the look out for maladjusted bike seats! haha

  11. I loved your quirks! I love T's comment about quirks being another person's OCD. I totally agree. I have the same thing about towels, but I was able to teach my hubby the correct way so I don't have to redo it. Phew! Other quirks... I have to eat M&M's two at a time. It bugs me to eat just one. I always throw out the lone one in the bag. And I'm the exact same way with suprises. I can't stand it until I know. I'm excited to see what sheets you get in the swap.

  12. i've never seen the wizard of oz either, so there is 2 of us.:)

  13. I don't like to get my hands dirty either. That's why I don't garden. Getting ym hands dirty during baking and cooking fine with me.


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