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Saturday, April 14, 2007

I'm on a little crafting roll right now. I saw a lot of cute craft stores and fabric stores in Japan and picked up a few idea books and now I've got lots of ideas swimming around with my head, not to mention a lot of new fabric to play with, too!


I found this tutorial for making a patchwork handbag and officially completed my first sewn purse yesterday afternoon. This bag was made with fabric from my recent hancocks order and with some fabric that I bought in Japan.


Now that I've got the kinks worked out in the construction of these things, I'm excited to try making some different styles of bags. This project is next up for me...a turtle totebag with bright red handles. The turtles in this fabric just cracks me up! It's made by Cosmo Textiles. I could not believe how cheap all the fabric I found in Japan was...this linen printed fabric was only around $3 a meter!


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  1. Hi, I found your blog through the denyse schimdt quilt along on flickr. I'm going to Japan in July... how did you find all the fabulous fabric stores? Thanks!


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