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Monday, April 23, 2007

In this new house, we are each blessed with our own creative spaces. Jon's got his edit suite in the basement that he and my dad built, and I've got the extra spare bedroom for all of my endeavors (and, seriously, what hobby haven't I tried in the past 5 years?).


I finally put the finishing touches (curtains) on my room and wanted to show the after pictures. When we moved in this room and the guest room were both painted a light grey. The first thing we did was paint the walls green (Benjamin Moore Dill Pickle).

Here's the room, entering the door and moving counterclockwise around the room:


shelves for knitting stuff, and storage boxes for photos, stationery, stamps and other art supplies


Jon's reading chair and/or the cats' perch and the new curtains


my beloved expedit shelf that holds books, magazines, photo albums, fabric, sheet music, office supplies, stationery, misc computer and camera cords, and my in and out box. and the right half of my sewing/computer table - I just move the stuff around depending on the project I'm working on


the rest of my work table and a dresser holding my printer that's filled with office supplies and paper

All of the furniture, except the white dresser is from with most every piece of furniture in our house...

I use my little closet to hold extra fabric, notions, thread, patterns and other quilting supplies. I like that I can close the door on this room whenever it gets a little too messed up or when I'm in the middle of a project. It also helps that I can close the cats out of here when I'm basting a quilt - the always know how to spread out on a quilt and get it all wrinkled!


  1. I love this room!!!! I've been considering getting that Expedit bookshelf for my study/crafting room. Now I'm salivating over it even more.
    LOVE the curtains.

  2. This room is gorgeous! I love the paint color and the curtains are such a perfect match. What is the fabric and where did you get it? I MUST have some :)


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