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Monday, April 30, 2007


Our lives seem to be getting more exciting my the minute around here these days! We bought a lawn mower on Friday night and proceeded to assemble it and mow our lawn shortly thereafter. Forget raging parties to go to, we've got a lawn to mow!

Jon is so geeked about this new gadget! He's been wanting one of these ever since he found out that they still exist did all of the research and price shopping to get us a good deal on this. Here's to many more gas-less, fume-less, noise-less, energy-saving lawn mowing times this summer!

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  1. oh, man! before i had my own lawn, i always said that i was going to get one of those once i did. but then when the time came, i figured i would love it at first and then soon after get really sick of all the extra work i was doing that could have been avoided (i.e. - raking up clippings). alas, i just inherited a used mower from the in-laws. but with the price of gas, and the one i'm using now on the fritz, i may have to reconsider.


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