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Thursday, May 17, 2007

It seems like we’ve spent every waking hour outside working on our yard these days. We’ve dedicated the month of May to outdoor home improvement and starting in June we’ll be ready to enjoy the outdoors without thoughts of digging up this or planting that. I had to take a break from the insanity and clean the inside of our dirt and dust-filled house tonight.

Last weekend we planted our vegetable garden. Unfortunately it is up for a garden redo this weekend because it all flooded after torrential rains on Monday night. Probably should have planted cranberries in there instead! We were quite bummed but are regrouping and planning to build and make a raised bed vegetable garden instead to avoid the drainage issues.

Being outside so much has given us the chance to meet and talk with a ton of our neighbors (and their dogs). We are very fortunate to have such great neighbors – always willing to lend a hand or let us borrow a tool that we need. They even clued us in to the free compost and mulch that the city offers for residents. What a great way to put last year’s lawn debris to good use!

One of our neighbors (the same one that asked us when the kids are coming just after learning our names) brought us over a dozen roses last night. Apparently his girlfriend in NY always sends him flowers and he doesn’t know what to do with them all…too funny!

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