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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Jon and I have been busy bees lately...lots of digging, raking, mowing, edging, tilling and transplanting.

Remember this?

Here's what it looked like just before the roto-tiller hit the soil

And here's where all the sod went

This weekend we spent a back breaking 6 hours digging up sod and transplanting it to some dead spots in our yard. A few feet into the garden, we started rethinking our idea to create such a large garden, but we stuck with it. Hopefully it will pay off later this summer with some yummy vegetables!

Our garden is ready to be planted and this weekend we'll be sowing some seeds and picking up some additional vegetables, annuals and perennials for the various gardens in our yard.

We're feeling a bit overwhelmed right now, but we keep cranking through our to-do list and things keep getting accomplished. It feels so good to cross another task off our list!


  1. Well, it looks great! Don't you just love sod? Your home looks a lot like ones in the neighborhood I grew up in and where my parent's still live. Love those older homes! Happy veggie planting : )
    PS- thanks for your kind blog comment! I hope my group class goes okay, too. ; )

  2. Your yard will look so nice when it's all done! Motivation for me to get to work on mine...
    This is my first visit to your blog:)
    I was looking through your archives and was wondering what model is your Janome? Do you like the features it has? I'm looking for a new machine that I can do some quilting on.


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