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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I found this cute little craft book in Japan and bought it with the intention of making a more permanent reusable lunch bag for work. I've been using old smaller shopping bags with handles, but they wear out too quickly and it's not very often that I shop at a store that gives away boutique bags.

The book has 6 different styles of lunch bags and gives four or five variations on each bag. I haven't made a lunch bag to use yet, but last week I did make a large tote bag for carrying around my laptop, books, and other things. It worked great for our weekend trip last week, too.

I was excited to find directions for my oft-wished for LL Bean bucket tote on a budget. I don't know why, but I've always wanted one of these tote bags. I really like the simple, classic styling. The only thing I'd change next time around would be to make the linen bottom smaller (which I would have known if I had converted the cm measurements to inches and enlarged the proportions of the bag evenly).


  1. This book looks great, especially the bag with the drawstring closure. Does that book have an ISBN? Would you mind sharing it with me if it does?

  2. thanks for posting the pics. love the simple forms of the bags.

  3. I just found you via Crafting Japanese. I have this new passion for Japanese craft books and magazines. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I would also love to have the ISBN # of that book..i am a big fan of LL Bean totes and would love to see the pattern. Do you have to read the language to understand the patterns/directions?


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