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Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Jon and I got tickets for us to see Demetri Martin a few weeks ago at Meadowbrook Music Festival. We braved the outdoor concert just after a severe thunderstorm covered our county. Luckily, the tornadoes stayed away from us!

I had never seen or heard of Demetri Martin before the show, so I went into the show completely blind. He was hilarious...not an obnoxious stand-up with an overly loud voice or stupid jokes about hitting on women or going to sporting events...just a down to earth guy with a quick wit and dry sense of humor.

One of my favorite one-liners from the show:

A secret admirer is just a stalker with cute stationery.

We have been remembering the funny jokes from his stand-up routine and repeating them to each other and laughing over and over since the show.

You can check out some of his you tube videos here...the Comedy Central show in four pieces is worth a watch too if you're interested.

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  1. No way!!! My husband and I LOVE Demetri Martin! In fact, I just gave my husband the CD "These are Jokes" for his birthday. I love the jokes that he tells with the tablet paper.
    He kind of reminds me of the late Mitch Hedberg (minus the f-bombs) with his sarcastic one-liners. One of my favorites of Mitch's was "One time I saw a wine-o eating grapes. I said, 'Dude. You have to wait.'"
    We are hoping that some day Mr. Martin will grace us with his presence near our city.


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