jon's birthday

Saturday, September 15, 2007

We celebrated Jon's birthday on Wednesday at my parents' house. My mom outdid herself by cooking a wonderful delicious.

Jon opened up his gifts with his new buddy, Riley the cat, at his side.

He was especially excited to open this gift...a new gps for his car. I think it was especially appropriate as Jon drove past our house on our way home from my parents' house. Let's just say that he's a non-linear thinker and the line of work he's in is perfect for him! : )

I was excited when Jon discovered that the GPS has a feature where you can plug in coordinates, which means that we can finally try out geocaching!

I have been improving on my birthday mound of 2005 and made this red velvet cake for the occasion. I loved the red color of much more exciting than a yellow cake!

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  1. Hurray for more geocachers out there. Though I haven't been geocaching for a while, I really enjoyed it when I lived in Indiana and NC.


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