yummy marshmallows!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Design*sponge had a little video tutorial on marshmallow-making last Wednesday and after stocking up on corn syrup and sugar, I decided to give the recipe a try. I used the recipe from readymade magazine featured in the video and added vanilla for extra flavor. The first batch was ruined because I didn't mix it long enough, but the second batch came out just right and I've been munching on them ever since.

Let me tell you...these things are absolutely delicious! I am not a fan of marshmallows whatsoever - I can manage one melted marshmallow on a s'more once or twice a summer and that's about it (I really only eat them for the chocolate). I'm not going to own up to how many of things tasty little things I've eaten in the past two days...they are so good and taste nothing like the packaged marshmallows from the store. You've definitely got to try a homemade marshmallow (or two or three) yourself!


  1. They look great! Everyone on blog land is making marshamallows. If I wasn't this far along in my pregnancy, I would pull out my kitchenaid mixer and try it.
    I was making hot cocoa last night and really wanted marshmallows in it, but the stores was closed.

  2. I saw that tutorial on DS and was planning on making them today or tomorrow. Can't wait, they look wonderful!

  3. i saw that video too... i might need to try them out!

  4. mmmmmm I have no idea what corn syrup is, not sure if I could find it here but yum!!


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