big bright light show

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Jon and I took a spontaneous little road trip to downtown Rochester, MI, my hometown, on Friday night. Last year, they started this Christmas light spectacular called the "Big Bright Light Show" which decorated the downtown shops with 500,000 lights. This year was bigger and better with twice the lights and twice as many decorated buildings. It was quite the sight! While we both would have preferred downtown Rochester to be turned into a quaint Dicken's Christmas town, the continuous stream of lights for blocks on end were quite amazing to see in person. It's definitely brought tons of business to the downtown area and revitalized a lot of the stores. Red Knapps got our business when we treated ourselves to one of their tasty chocolate malts!

We've been trying to think of some Christmas and winter things that we shouldn't miss out on, so it was nice to get out and see some lights this year before Christmas. We've got three more months of winter to do all of those other crazy outdoor activities: sledding, ice skating, snowboarding/skiing and igloo building (Jon's idea) later this winter if we can brave the cold.


  1. wow, that's awesome! there aren't many houses in my area that are decked out, so thanks for the pics!

  2. I love all the colors. So festive.

  3. Wow! Those are the very coolest Christmas lights I've ever seen! Thank you for sharing!
    And I love your blog!


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