2007 projects

Monday, December 31, 2007

I saw this idea for a finished object mosaic on Oiyi's blog. It's a fun/scary way to look at how much time/money/work I spent on crafting this year...eeks!

I'm not sure I'll have as much crafting time next year as I did this year, but I'm hoping to do some more knitting (bigger projects like a sweater and a tote bag), finish up some older quilts that are still wips (this one and a college t-shirt quilt that I started back in 2002), and work on some more bags and purses. And I'm also looking forward to using up the various stashes I've accumulated during the year and I'm looking forward to using and making the craft books I've bought in the last year.


  1. Wow, so very talented! That is a lot of projects to finish in one year. Congrats! My goal is to be able to finish that many for next year.

  2. It looks fabulous! It makes you feel a sense of accomplishment. I am hoping to see more of your knitting in 2008. Your work is quite nice.

  3. fun/scary no.
    Accomplished yes!
    I am proud of you. Quite so!

  4. That's quite a lot of crafts for a year. I keep a similar log on my site of my crafts, but I've got about the same amount of photos, for all the crafts I've made in 4 years.


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