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Monday, December 31, 2007

I made these two purses for my sisters for Christmas. They're made with Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick on size 13 needles. The green purse is made with the Grass color and the blue purse is made with the Sky Blue color. I really like working with this's thick a spongy and I think it looks great with a simple stockinette stitch.

For the purses, I cast-on 36 stitches and knitted a 15" x 18" rectangle. This pattern is loosely based on the purse pattern in Hollywood Knits Style, but instead of wrapping the knitted stockinette portion over the handles, I tied the knitting to the handles by winding the yarn around the handles. The purse used just about one ball of yarn.

The handles on the blue purse are made by Clover and were purchased at a local yarn store and the black handles are from Joanns.


  1. I loves these purses. Wrapping does seem easier. When you are wrapping, are you putting the needle back through the knitting like you are sewing?
    Do you have any tips on lining the purse with fabric? I want to make a knitted purse, but have been unsure of how to sew a fabric lining in.

  2. argh - i really really really need to learn how to knit.

  3. I love the green one - it looks so smooth and soft.


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